Saturday, July 4, 2009



Sayulita, Fall 2009

Rediscover the Passionate Life

BODY … Come, indulge your senses. Let your body luxuriate in the gentle caress of the sea. Feel the warmth of the sun melt your rough edges away. Surrender to the loving hands of your heart-centered masseuse, your soul-centered healer, your wellness-centered acupuncturist. Let us help you reawaken your body to its natural state of sensory bliss.

MIND … Come, quiet your mind. Invite your heart to take the reins. Let your fears subside, your desires reemerge,,your needs finally be heard. Let us help you see the illuminated path before your eyes, the one pregnant with nothing but your heart’s desire.

HEART … Come, honor your heart. Give yourself the gift of creative time, leisure time, time to realize your secret dreams and passions. Erase all have-to’s and requirements. Immerse yourself in raw, beautiful, genuine contentment. And emerge more heart-centered than ever before.

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