Thursday, May 7, 2009


Do we buffer ourselves from the real world by wearing too many masks? Are we afraid to really feel, to let our real selves emerge? Why is it more acceptable to appear numb than to show we truly feel? Is there something wrong with being vulnerable? What if we are cutting ourselves off from one of the surest routes to joy--feeling, expressing, being authentic! And not just at home, but in public, too! 

Have you ever thought about how everyone in the grocery store pretends to be the sole customer? Unless your cart is bombarded by another cart, rarely does anyone speak to anyone else. Why is that? What would happen if you found a peach that reminded you of a fleshy bottom. And what if you started to giggle like a four year old, to yourself. Then, what if a stuffy looking lady comes by to look, like you, at the nice new peaches. Do you share what made you laugh or do you pretend you are numb, keeping all the silliness to yourself so you don't dare look 1. idiotic, 2. childish, or 3. perverted. You decide to show her. Your face lights up as you show her the fleshy bottom of the peach! You giggle as you ask her if she sees what you see. She looks at you like you are 1. idiotic, 2. childish, 3. perverted. You keep giggling. YOU have fun. YOU enjoy life's magic. You FEEL! And you know what...when that lady is driving home, safe in her fancy spotless car, she too, begins to giggle. She wonders to herself why she was so stuffy with you, why she couldn't laugh, too. I'm gonna next time, she says to herself outloud, I'm gonna start having more fun like that, too!

Let's challenge ourSelves today to experience more rawness, to feel more deeply, to share more of our Selves than we ever have before. That may mean surrounding yourself with kinder, gentler, more loving energy or it may mean shifting the perspectives of those sedentary souls you find yourself with....or maybe a little bit of both. Cultivate what you value, what you want, what makes your heart and soul sing and the good life is yours. Poof! Now!

The good life is a process,
not a state of being.
It is a direction
not a destination.
--Carl Rogers


  1. What a wonderful smile you have got! and what beautiful consciousness of Magic you show us. I have tears in my eyes that there are beautiful beings like you on this Earth. I will keep reading your little notes of wisdom at Heart. I am like you also a former ITP student, who lives in the North of this Earth. I long for that warmth in my life that you portray and hope to be able to bring this out also. At the present moment my heart is filled with deep sorrow and sadness but you made my day so full of magic. Thank you! Love Helen

  2. Dear, dear Helen, I wish I could hug you. Deep sorrow, sadness. The darkness can be overwhelming. But know this, or let me know it for you until you can know it yourSelf....this too, shall pass. I promise you. And sometimes...sometimes...the brightest lights can be seen in complete darkness. I am far away but closer than you realize. You are not alone.
    with love, your friend,